Developing a Complex Sequence of Operations ๐Ÿ—“

โ€” PES/IAS โ€” sequence of operation, failure modes, PLC programming, testing …

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โ€” Power & Energy Society (PES) and the Industry Applications Society (IAS) โ€” (sequence of operation, failure modes, PLC programming, testing …
Meeting Date: (Thursday), (November 17), 2016
Time: 6:00 PM Networking; 6:30 PM Dinner; 7:30 PM Presentation
Speaker: (Mr. Jerrold Peterson of Kohler Power Systems)
Location: The Doubletree Club – Orange County Airport, Costa Mesa
Cost: None for talk only; Dinner can be purchased upon arrival – $25 for IEEE members; $30 for non-members; $10 for students
RSVP: Reservations are appreciated but not required
Event Details:
The design of a complex on-site power system presents unique challenges from both a documentation and PLC programming prospective. The typical narrative sequence of operation does not provide the necessary detail to ensure that all failure modes have been accounted for. This presentation will cover:
1. How to create a chart based sequence of operation that removes all ambiguity from the sequence of operation and ensures that all failure modes have been taken into account.
2. We will also look at how this chart is used to program and test the system.
3. We will also look at best practices for programming the PLC to ensure the system never gets lost and allows easy troubleshooting and changes.
4. Finally we will look at best practices for sequence testing the system.

Bio: Mr. Peterson has over 23 years of experience in the power industry and has supported end-users and consultants for the design of mission critical, healthcare, water and industrial facilities. He currently works for Kohler Power Systems as an Engineered Solutions Manager, focusing his efforts working with a variety of customers, providing critical design support and solutions. His past experience includes working for Black & Veatch as a design engineer for the Transmission and Distribution Group, General Electric as Team Lead for the Electrical Distribution and Controls group and over 11 years with Caterpillarโ€™s Electric Power Group as Regional Sales Manager. Jerry has lived in Texas for more than 35 years and currently resides in Frisco, TX.