Blockchain Use in Smart Grid Applications 🗓

— foundational technology, energy sector, grid management, underlying technologies, challenges …

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Webinar Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM (PT)
Speaker: Dr. Claudio Lima, Co-Founder, Blockchain Engineering Council (BEC)
Location: on the Web
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Summary: Blockchain is considered to be a foundational technology that will create a new decentralized Internet layer. Most of today’s Blockchain development has been focused on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, the vertical markets, particularly the energy sector, will benefit from the adoption of Blockchain as a potential disruptive technology that complements the insertion of Internet of Things (ioT) to improve grid device-system management, cybersecurity, and also enable a new layer of energy trading.
This webinar introduces a unique perspective of Blockchain applied to the Smart Grid. It describes the basic principles of Blockchain, how it works, the key underlying technologies, the challenges and applications. It focuses on the enterprise energy segment, and the key elements and protocols.
It will introduce the Blockchain Energy Reference Framework that is being created as an IEEE standard, addressing the Blockchain application, process, data and network layers. Finally, it will present some specific Smart Grid Blockchain use cases, including IoT Energy Trading and Transactive Energy.
Bio: Dr. Claudio Lima is Co-Founder of the Blockchain Engineering Council (BEC), creating the industry frameworks of Blockchain, Energy and IoT. He is leading the IEEE Blockchain Energy standards and is Co-Chair of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)/Energy, promoting Industrial IoT (IIoT), Machine Learning/AI and Blockchain Energy collaboration with industry partners. He is also Co-Chair of the EPRI Energy Storage System (ESS). He received his Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering in 1995 at UKC (England) and served as CTO and VP of Innovation, including R&D Labs, leading teams in advanced energy systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprise Blockchain and AI, Smart Grid, Microgrid and Distributed and Intelligent Energy Resources (DER). He served as Vice Chair of the IEEE 2030 Smart Grid Standards, where he made significant contributions to the development of global smart grid. Previously, Dr. Lima worked as Global Smart Grid CTO of Huawei Technologies in Europe-Asia-Pacific and as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff/Sr Research Scientist at Sprint Advanced Technology Labs (Sprint ATL), in Silicon Valley, CA. He has more than 100+ conference keynote speaker presentations and scientific research that has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, including 12 USPTO patent awards.