A Future with Nuclear Power 🗓

— Nuclear produces the lowest-cost electricity except where lawsuits interfere.

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Meeting Date: October 20, 2018
Time: 10AM – 12PM
Speaker: W Van Snyder of Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Location: Redondo Beach
Cost: none for members
RSVP: requested, through website
Event Details: IEEE vTools

Summary: Several system studies have concluded that an all-renewable electrical grid that excludes nuclear power cannot work. One big problem is the lack of “inertia” (frequency stability) as well as the lack of a frequency, phase, and voltage reference. This is normally provided by heavy synchronous rotating generators — coal, gas, hydro, or nuclear and is needed to start up a grid composed of a very large number of independent generators. The biggest problem is storage. Several calculations have concluded that 390-900 watt hours of storage are required per average watt of wind and solar capacity, depending upon location. The cost for batteries alone for an all-electric American energy system would be three to five times total US GDP in 2016. The five most common objections to nuclear power are all based upon falsehoods. Nuclear power is the safest-ever way to make electricity by a very wide margin. It has been known for fifty years now how to effectively destroy nuclear waste. Nuclear produces the lowest-cost electricity except where interminable lawsuits interfere. Weapons proliferation is a giant red herring. The known reserves of uranium can provide all the energy that humanity will need for the next million years.

Bio: Van Snyder describes himself as 40% retired from a fifty-year career of mathematics and software development at JPL. He developed an interest in nuclear power more than twenty years ago. His education in the subject has been facilitated by contacts at the Argonne National Laboratory