IEEE Webinar: Utility Microgrid Standard 🗓

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Webinar Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM (PDT)
Speaker: John F. Kelly, PEER Program Specialist, Green Business Certification Institute
Location: on the Web
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Summary: The electricity sector faces game-changing conditions driven by higher expectations from local governments and electricity customers, technology advances, and new policies that emphasis performance and customer participation. What if utilities chose to leverage microgrids and a more distributed framework; taking advantage of customer investment and new utility services to make the system better while increasing returns? This presentation will introduce a utility microgrid approach and standard as a means for addressing these industry forces.
The Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal (PEER) standard and rating system can serve as a standard, guide, specification, and education tool. This microgrid approach begins by dividing vast utility territories into a network of manageable customer centric nodes (i.e. utility microgrids) that leverage nested private microgrids and customer distributed resources. The PEER standard is then utilized to optimize each utility and private microgrid for the benefit of the customer, utility and ratepayer.

Bio: John F. Kelly: Over the past seven years, Mr. Kelly worked with an industry team of leaders to research and develop microgrids and supporting standards. Mr. Kelly authored numerous research papers on electricity reliability, markets, and pricing, as well as, smart grid cost/benefit and best practices for electricity policy reform. He provided consulting services to the energy for 30 years, developing innovative sustainable energy plans and designs for large multi-use developments and cities. Mr. Kelly held leadership positions with Duke Engineering and Gas Technology Institute then co-founding a sustainable energy. He holds a B.S. in energy engineering and certificate in environmental engineering.