Air pollution studies in a southern California retirement community 🗓

–Citizen Scientists grab hold of the problem.

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IEEE CLAS Life Members Affinity Group
Meeting Date: March 9, 2019
Time: 10AM – 1PM
Speaker: Nick Massetti, Retired Sr. Life Member
Location: Redondo Beach
Cost: The meeting is free for IEEE members with the promo-code IEEEmembers. We only make a $2.00 charge to discourage frivolous sign ups from people who never turn up.
RSVP: requested, through website
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Summary: Air quality monitoring has been historically left in the hands of local government agencies and the EPA. The size and cost of air quality monitoring systems have limited their number in any given area and enabled only regional and mostly delayed responses to air quality issues and their attendant health consequences. This talk will describe how one at risk Southern California community has joined with the South Coast Air Quality Management District to implement low cost air quality monitoring through a collaboration enabled by an EPA Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Grant. 30 web enabled low cost air quality monitors have been installed within a community of 10,000 seniors and are providing particulate matter measurements to inform their real time activities and help monitor nearby potential pollution sources such as adjacent freeway traffic and power generation plants.

Bio: Nick Massetti is an IEEE Life Senior Member. He is currently the Electron Devices Society Representative to the Nanotechnology Council (NTC) AdCom, Chair of the NTC Regional Interest Groups Committee, and an officer of the IEEE Region 6 Orange County Section. He recently retired after a career spanning 45 years in the area of Semiconductor device and fabrication technology which included contributing solutions for Landsat satellite imaging at Hughes Aircraft, integrated circuit fabrication processes at Texas Instruments and NXP Semiconductors, and conducting worldwide IC foundry oversight for Seagate Technologies. He was the recipient of the 2015 IEEE Region 6 Central Area Outstanding Engineer Award and the 2017 Distinguished Service Award from the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA and his Master’s Degree in Solid State Physics from UC San Diego. He currently consults in the area of intellectual property prosecution related to image sensor technology.