Winners of ASA DataFest 2019 🗓

— 8 winning teams who can participate in the Celebration will present their findings

Irvine Map

IEEE OC Computer Society & OCLB ASA
Meeting Date: May 20, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM Networking & Food; 7:00 PM Presentation

Location: Irvine, California
Cost: none
RSVP: requested, through website
Event Details: IEEE vTools

DataFest 2019 was held at Chapman University May 3-5. DataFests are 48 hour hackathons where teams from Southern California are given data from a single source and compete for Data Insight, Data Visualization, and Use of External Data, as well as any other awards at the judges discretion. There were teams of 3 to 5 students from 7 different southern California universities or colleges.

This year the data was from Rugby Canada Women’s Sevens (their national team of seven women a game for seven minute halves [versus the usual 15 players playing 40 minute halves]). After a brief introduction to the DataFest, data and the “challenge” expressed by the data providers, team members of the 8 winning teams who can participate in the Celebration will present there findings. Those presentations will be followed by a Round Table Discussion

There were four data files with data collected during 2017-2018 season with different aspects of the game and training including layer level data are provided by the individual athletes themselves and by IMU/GPS devices worn on their vests during games; and data on each game played during the season:
1. Games.csv tells when, where, opponent, and high-level outcomes and events in the game (“box scores”).
2. Wellness.csv has self-reported health and wellness for each player.
3. RPE.csv has the Rate of Perceived Effort, self-reported workloads for each “session”. A session can be a workout or a game.
4. Gps.csv has position data for each player during a game.