Arc Suppression Technology 🗓

— Rethinking Contact Current Arcing … New insights on an old, chronic problem

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IEEE Foothill PES and Cal Poly Student Chapter

Meeting Date: September 27, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM Networking; 7:30 PM Presentation
Speaker: Reinhold Henke, Chief Technical Officer for Arc Suppression Technologies
Location: Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Student Center-Perseus Room (Campus Parking $5.00)
Cost: none
RSVP: Not required
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Relays and contactors are literally all around us. Few know that these workhorse switches have a
secret … namely, that few designers, technicians and engineers truly understand the destructive contact current arcing that occurs inside these devices. They are aware of the results of this arcing, however, and endeavor to address the problems with a wide variety of means. True understanding of the contact current arcing, can lead to better solutions. This presentation discusses the arc itself, and why it is so destructive … and also why the hundreds of devices, components, as well as ever larger, heavier and more expensive contactors have only limited efficacy in containing the arcing problem.

Bio: Reinhold Henke is a seasoned, German-trained Electrical/Electronics Engineer backed by over 30 years of professional product design, development and management expertise. He is currently Chief Technical Officer for Arc Suppression Technologies, a venture he co-founded to commercialize the ultimate solution to contact arcing.
In addition, Reinhold is a topnotch engineering consultant, offering ad hoc engineering design and development
services to medical device companies.
Reinhold’s professional experience spans three multi-national corporations as well as several start-up companies.
His accomplished career covers product design and development of high-tech collateral for the industrial,
commercial, consumer, medical and military industries. He is inventor/co-inventor of over 55 US and international patents. Several of his patents represent true “world’s first” breakthroughs, and have generated revenue streams exceeding a billion dollars for his patent assignees (a mix of employers, clients and customers).
Reinhold holds a Dipl.-Ing. (FH) degree in Nachrichtentechnik from the Fachhochschule Duesseldorf, NRW,
Germany (the equivalent of a BS/MS in Electrical Engineering).