Leveraging Innovation Team Success with Systems Thinking ๐Ÿ—“

— what is possible when you link Innovation with Systems Thinking.

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IEEE Consultantsโ€™ Network of San Diego
Meeting Date: October 14, 2019
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm โ€“ Dinner and informal networking
7:00 – 8:30 pm โ€“ Meeting
Speaker: Dr. Julia Taylor
Location: San Diego
Cost: none
RSVP: requested, through website
Event Details: IEEE vTools

How would you like to increase your return on innovation investment by quantum leaps? How confident are you that your approach is getting you where you want to go? Systems Thinking offers great promise in helping you get your innovation efforts to pay off! Dr. Taylor will offer a fresh new perspective on this topic. She will show you some convincing evidence, from companies like Intel and Apple, about what is possible when you link Innovation with Systems Thinking.

Dr. Julia Taylor just presented a paper at the Western States Regional Conference, and earlier this year gave a presentation at the American Chemical Society National Symposium.

She has two technical degrees, one in Chemistry and one in Electronics. She has worked at companies like Buckman Laboratories and Intel. She holds two business degrees, a Doctorate in Business focusing on Strategic Management, which about long-term business planning. She studied with H. Igor Ansoff, a pioneer in the field. She also has an MBA from Santa Clara University, a very difficult business school. She served in several executive positions for Toastmasters International, and completed their highest level of achievement, the DTM.

She is currently serving as a Director for INCOSE, San Diego, and participates in the Engineering Council of San Diego.

She works as a Management Consultant helping companies to Diagnose Problems, Build Teams and achieve greater levels of Group Collaboration.

She has one technical publication and she wrote 3 books on team building highlighting how people can work together better.