Simulation & Modeling of Spacecraft Electric Propulsion 🗓

— Electric and plasma propulsion

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IEEE Buenaventura Section
Meeting Date: October 17, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM Networking & Food; 7:00 PM Presentation
Speaker: Lubos Brieda
Location: Agoura Hills
Cost: none
RSVP: requested, through website
Event Details: IEEE vTools

This talk will discuss simulation approaches used by the spacecraft electric propulsion (SEP) community. Electric, or plasma, propulsion, uses electromagnetic fields to ionize and accelerate propellant to velocities higher than achievable with conventional chemical rockets. The first part of the talk will review some common SEP devices. We will then discuss kinetic and fluid approaches used for modeling the discharge and the plume regions. These simulations are used to optimize the device operation and to study any detrimental spacecraft interaction effects.

Lubos Brieda has received his Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2005 and his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from The George Washington University in 2012. His graduate work focused on developing simulation tools for modeling electric propulsion devices and their interaction with spacecraft components. He has worked as research engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Edwards AFB, and a contamination engineer at NASA Goddard. Since 2012, he has working providing plasma and rarefied gas modeling support through his company Particle in Cell Consulting LLC. He also offers online plasma simulation courses, which have been summarized in a book to be released this winter.