AIAA Los Angeles Las Vegas and SCALACS joint Earth Day e-Town Hall Meeting 🗓

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Webinar Date: Saturday April 25,2020
Time: 10:00 AM (PT)
Speaker: a Panel
Location: on the Web
Cost: none
RSVP: requested
Event Details & Registration: RSVP
Prof. Madhu Thangavelu, USC (Space and City: Lessons from the Future)
Prof. Sachdev Sidhu, Molecular Genetics and the Donnelly Centre at the
University of Toronto (COVID-19 Therapeutic Development in Real Time:
Roadblocks and Opportunities)
Dr. João Teixeira, Co-Director, Center for Climate Sciences, NASA JPL
(Studies of the Earth’s Climate Change)
Brett Cornick (Challenges faced by future Generation)
Erik Jessen, Raytheon (Management Theory and Leadership)