–People will be able to play a solo piece using the web cam on their computer

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Webinar Date: June 6, 2020

Location: on the Web
Cost: none
Free Registration to listen and to play.

Start at 2 PM on June 6. A schedule will be posted the day before, and special performers will be announced.

Event Details & Registration: IEEE events

Sponsored by OCRS, SCRS, and the IEEE Coastal Los Angeles Section

It looks like there won’t be a June “Bring your Band” meeting this year.

How about an online “Play your Solo” meeting? The technology is here- Let’s do it!

Announcing the June 6, online “Play your solo” meeting.

People will be able to play a solo piece using the web cam on their computer, and the audience can listen to the performance. A special meeting invitation will be posted here and sent to performers. The online performance will use Zoom.

Here are three examples of some of solos. There is a lot of music online, and available from publishers.

A triosonata by Handel (There are a lot of Recorder sonatas)

Greensleves on a ground

The Division Flute (Walsh, John)

Variations on a theme by van Eycks (There are a lot of great commercial versions of this with good typesetting)

Der Fluyten Lust-Hof (Eyck, Jacob van),_Jacob_van)

Page 12 has a Pavanne Lacrymae based on Dowland

It will be technically harder, but it should be possible to play along with background music. This will need special rehearsals and Dress Rehearsals.