— the potential challenges that it brings to the electricity distribution network

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Organizer: San Diego Section IEEE PES&PELS
Webinar Date: October 21, 2020 12 NOON
Speaker: Dr. Manshadi of San Diego State University
Location: on the Web
Cost: none
Event Details & Registration: IEEE

Transportation is a leading cause of carbon emissions. Electrification of the transportation sector is a solution considered by concerned policymakers around the world. Supporting the electrification of the transportation sector requires a paradigm shift in the operational planning of the electricity grid. Besides, to fulfill the intention of transportation electrification as a cause to diminish the carbon footprint of mobility, the generated power delivered by the grid to the transportation sector should be from carbon-free resources. It will unveil several challenges to the operation of the grid due to the significant increase in its load. However, on the other hand, it also creates opportunities to enhance operational planning of the power grid given the potential flexibility in scheduling the demand. In this talk, we will focus on the impact of electric vehicles as a significant portion of transportation electrification on the electricity distribution network. We will discuss the potential challenges that it brings to the electricity distribution network, particularly the potential fluctuations in voltage profile across the network. It calls for possible necessary upgrades to aging grid infrastructure through optimal expansion planning decisions as well as short-term operational strategies to mitigate such an adverse impact by leveraging artificial intelligence techniques.