Battery Balancing and Management System for Electric Vehicles πŸ—“

β€” TEC β€” series and parallel, equaling contribution, control system designs …


β€” TEC β€” series and parallel, equaling contribution, control system designs …
Webinar Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Time: 2:00 AM (PDT)
Speaker: Prof. Eric Cheng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University & IEEE Transportation Electrification Committee
Location: on the Web
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Summary: Energy storage for electric vehicle is mainly the battery and super-capacitor. Usually a large number of cells care connected in series and parallel in order to provide required voltage and current levels. The balancing is therefore needed to enable each of the cell under equal contribution to the voltage and current. The battery management system (BMS) includes the balancing, other management and monitoring and control system. Today BMS is the most important parts in most of the electric vehicles and there are reports that BMS is a critical parts to avoid any accident of electric vehicle.
The talk presents the recent technology in the energy storage of electric vehicles including Li-ion battery and super-capacitor, cell balancing and BMS, and also introduces a number of different designs of the cell balancing techniques.

Bio: Prof. Eric Cheng graduated from the University of Bath in 1987 and started research in Power Electronics and obtained his PhD in 1990 from the same university. He is now the Director of Power Electronics Research Center and a professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
He has developed a number of electric vehicle techniques including the battery charging system, battery management, electric drive, lighting, power conversion, in-wheel and integrated charger. He is also the project leader of a number of electric vehicle projects. He is also then project leader of a number of power electronics projects including medical robotics, intelligent clothing, DC distribution, electromagnetic modeling and excitation. He received the IEE Sebastian Z De Ferranti Premium Award (1995), outstanding consultancy award (2000), Faculty Merit award for best teaching (2003) from the University, Faculty Engineering Industrial and Engineering Services Grant Achievement Award (2006), Brussels Innova Energy Gold medal with Mention (2007), Consumer Product Design Award (2008), Electric vehicle team merit award of the Faculty (2009). Special Prize and Silver Medal of Geneva’s Invention Expo (2011) and Eco Star award (2012) He has published over 250 papers and 7 books. He is now the professor and director of Power Electronics Research Centre of the university. His research interests are all aspects of power electronics, electromagnetics, motor drives, EMI and energy saving.