Dos and Don’ts of Lighting Design and Controls 🗓

— (IEEE PES/IAS) – design, occupancy sensors, sequencing, commissioning, guidelines, passing testing, lessons learned …

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Meeting Date: Thursday June 15, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM Networking & Dinner; 7:30 PM Presentation

FIRST Speaker: Ms. Lyn L. Gomes, P.E., CCP, LEED AP, CLCATT
SECOND Speaker: Mr.Rick Miller, PE, LEED AP, LC, CLCATT

Location: Santa Ana
Cost: The presentation is free and dinner can be purchased for $30 upon arrival, with choices: Chicken, fish, or vegetarian.

Event Details: IEEE Event
Lyn and Rick will present their recommendations for lighting control system design and commissioning for new construction and existing buildings. They will provide practical guidelines for designing a lighting control system that can be applied immediately. Implementing their recommendations will result in fewer RFIs, prevent inappropriate “or-equal” submittals, that can be programmed successfully so they have a fighting chance of passing testing. They will share their lessons learned, discuss the use of the Title 24 forms as a checklist for design, provide recommendations for daylighting and occupancy sensors, how to prevent issues that crop up during commissioning (i.e. functional testing), and the difference between a control intent narrative and a sequence of operations. This presentation is geared towards engineers/designers of lighting control systems and commissioning providers.

Ms. Gomes is the lead Commissioning Authority for kW Engineering. Her 15 years of combined experience in HVAC design, construction, and startup make her a triple threat in the world of commissioning.
Mr. Miller has designed lighting and power systems for architects, engineers and builders for nearly forty years. Rick is the principal co-author of the California Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP), and trains electricians how to install lighting controls.