Transformative Role of Photovoltaics in the Transportation Sector 🗓

— role of PV, proof of concept, power network in, transport sector …

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Webinar Date: Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM (PST)
Speaker: Dr. Rajendra Singh
Location: on the Web
Cost: none
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Summary: The transportation sector is one of the largest greenhouse gas creator in the US. Electric vehicles (EVs) have the potential to offset a huge portion of the nation’s carbon footprint. The use of photovoltaics (PV) and batteries results in a local direct current (DC) powered network that is resilient, reliable, sustainable and economical as the cost of solar power has decreased to levels lower than any other electricity-generating source, and the cost of batteries continues to decline at a rapid pace. The local DC power network is the ideal solution to create electricity infrastructure to meet the need of electric vehicle (EV) based transportation sector. Autonomous vehicles based on electrical power will provide “personal mobility’ which will be driver of disruptive digital economy in the 21st century. In this webinar, transformative role of PV in transportation sector including proof of concept data of PV based DC power network in transport sector will be presented.

Bio: Rajendra Singh is D. Houser Banks Professor in the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Automotive Engineering at Clemson University. He is a leading semiconductor and photovoltaic (PV) technologist with over 38 years of industrial and academic experience. He is fellow of IEEE, SPIE, ASM and AAAS. He has published extensively in the area of photovoltaics and batteries based local DC power network and transportation sector. Dr. Singh has received a number of international awards. On April 17, 2014 he was honored by US President Barack Obama as a White House “Champion of Change for Solar Deployment” for his leadership in advancing solar energy with PV technology.